Your MAP to Lucrative Videos

A step-by-step course to attract your ideal client, get more leads, and make more sales by leveraging video in your business.


But aside from video, your business is also facing challenges because

  • You're having a hard time getting traffic to your website
  • You're not building authority
  • Your revenue is stagnant, growing slowly, or worse—declining
  • You're watching your competitors win the customers that should be yours

You're not alone.




  • Businesses that use video grow revenue 49% faster

    The ROI on video is huge!
    (Source: Aberdeen Research) 
  • Forbes states, "Most of content marketing will be video. Businesses must evolve with the times or die out."

    Your business makes a positive impact. I don't want you to "die out."
    (Source: Forbes Magazine)
  • 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy

    It's time to show off your business with video.
    (Source: Hubspot)
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video

    This means search engines will rank you higher on the search results page!
    (Source: Forbes Magazine)
  • A video has a lifespan of 4 years

    You know what the average lifespan of a facebook post is? It's 3 hours and 7 minutes. Talk about an evergreen machine with video!
    (Source: MultiVisionDigital) 

"Video has been a key part to the fast growth of the Boss Mom brand. I love how video allows me to build authority, nurture my community, show my personality and convert leads in a quick timeframe. If you’re not using video, you’re leaving money on the table."

Dana Malstaff
Founder of Boss Mom

This could be you...

You're making thousands of dollars more each month because of your videos.

You wake up to more people on your email list from a video you made a year ago.

You look stunning on video and you aren’t even wearing more makeup than usual.

You’re getting asked to be a guest on podcasts and speak at conferences. 


Ultimately if you...

  • Want to feel confident in front of and behind the camera

  • Want to be proud of your online presence

  • Want your business to grow faster

  • Want to win more customers from a video you made once

  • Want to make a professional video in a cinch! 

  • Want to boost your know, like, and trust factor

    Then you're in
    the right place.

I'm an Emmy Award winner who has helped businesses double and triple their revenue with video.


Every day you wait to use video, you're losing customers to your competitors.

I don't want that to happen to you!


The MAP to Lucrative Videos

Never feel lost with the whole video thing again.

This has everything you need to make videos that grow your business.

An online course of my proven MAP method that walks you through the 3 parts to Lucrative Videos—

Messaging, Artistry, and Promotion. 

"Patricia not only gave me the confidence to get on camera, but I also saw an immediate increase in new patients, and my website is ranking higher on google! Since adding video to my homepage alone, I already made thousands of dollars more within the first month."

Priscilla Tall
Owner of Cherry Valley Family Dental

In the MAP to Lucrative Videos,

you'll be able to:

  • Have a strategy that gets you results
  • Quickly connect with your ideal customer
  • Film yourself and your products beautifully
  • Edit awesome videos in half the time
  • Win more customers
  • Make thousands of dollars more a month

The Curriculum

The MAP to Lucrative Videos is designed to help you create your first video before you finish binge-watching your next Netflix series.

You will have immediate access to all 8 Modules, 45+ Lessons, and the Bonuses.





Plus, you'll get these Bonuses!

The Ultimate Video Accessories Guide

My go-to accessories to make quality videos! From microphones, lighting, cameras, and more, this will will have you covered whether you're on a budget or not.

Top 10 Tips for More Views on YouTube

The #1 way to get views on YouTube is to have YouTube promote your video to others who are on YouTube. We have THE Rita Onyx giving us all the juicy details on how to do that!

The Exclusive Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to our Facebook Group where we support each other in this awesome community!

Group Coaching

You'll get monthly Group Coaching Calls with me where you can ask me your questions, get feedback, and more, to help you succeed.

"Filming video seemed so overwhelming and full of unknowns for me. Patricia made understanding video for my business simple and achievable. I've started confidently integrating more video into my business through Instagram and my own online tutorials for my clients. If you are on the fence, I'd encourage you to make the commitment! Patricia's teaching is clear and encouraging. This is the place to grow your business by getting started with video. "

Christin O'Bryan
Owner & Designer of Tarva Design Studio

Let's do this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure is! If you're not happy with the course, there's a 14-day money back guarantee. Just demonstrate that you have attempted to implement the program without success.(Although, I'm confident you'll love it and get amazing results!)

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course and will get all the updates every time!

Nope! As long as you have a phone that takes video, you can get some budget-friendly accessories for around $100 in total. This will help you make a quality video! 

Yes! Once you enroll, an email will be sent to you immediately where you can login to the course. (If you don't see it, check your spam folder.) 

Once inside the course, you'll have access to ALL the modules, 45+ lessons and the bonuses. 

Feel free to DM me on Instagram @patriciakelikani or email [email protected] and I'll make sure to answer you asap! 

"Patricia and her teaching style is the best I have seen. One of the things I really like about the way she teaches us is that it is truly and I mean truly so easy to follow—between her words and examples—I just get it the first time through."

Peggy Solomon
Creator of Live Life Less Toxic

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